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Wolf​´​s Passion

by Projekt203

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Wolf´s Pack 04:18
Wolf´s Pack Evil´s spreading ´cross the land it feels cold falsifies God's command he´ll be the boss. Only faithful ones can show resistance Wolf´s pack of the very last existence Fear is spreading ´cross the land it´s growing hell is starting to burn this morning Only faithful ones can show resistance Wolf´s pack of the very last existence Death is spreading ´cross the land the world is afraid We are the last wolf´s pack in the world that must fight the underworld everything´s so ominous these times will need faithful souls We cannot back down now death is spreading ´cross the land
Burning Barriers Time is ticking world is falling apart planet´s bleeding please someone press restart You can spit more of anger on me piss all my dreams and slowly cut gut you won´t knock me down today Hey hey what do you say? Burning barriers and piles of ash around me if you dont avoid me today ash you ll be and further and further I will go further i will go further Burning bariers and piles od ash around me if you want to avoid me today ash you ll be and further and further I will go furtehr i will go further Future uncovered by black clouds but i still have...bad doubts
Love Me 04:14
Love Me We´re feeling hunger and thirst waiting for fighting who shows the weapon first Kingdom is invaded hearts beat to alert starved and jaded I ask God not to hurt those our sharp stings they change life to death Please show me love i will not fail how i miss you! i cant fight anymore i won´t fight anymore! Please show me love while we are alive im down and out to death Wars will end with my breath War is so cruel lets make peace I'd rather believe the power of your lips
Demon Two 03:28
Demon Two Lately secretly you´ve been killing me your deadly gaze just won´t stop haunting me You want to catch me in the piercing claws and crush my soul to dust in bloody jaws Looking at the wrecks of cars and I felt so many times as though I was one of them going with the ruined ones I can see it in your eyes deadly darkness that you are When you grasp death in the hands then my life has no more chance You live on hope that it all makes a sense the lust to kill is very intense You´re in my mind without a single break my life is gloomy like a silent grave
Life is a bastard Before I was born I was convicted of sins that I had never committed Before i was born you gave me handcuffs I can't defend myself, I've had enough Life is a bastard all my life is a bastard! Your rules have always been unfair You won't get me where you want i swear Get out of my sight my hatred for you is so bright!
Vampire Passion Let out the little beast to be free vampire passion awakens in me you can call me dirty, a dirty bitch at midnight ideas of bitingmidge Vampire in me brings me passion late night meets have an odd fashion flash of candles in latex dress want to taste you so dont get stressed We don't need words for understanding we love red and hard spanking hot wax runs down your pale thighs we´re dark lords and ours are all nights Life of a mortal lasts only a short while fall to bottom in black master style while I drink from you keep the chin up teeth trace you hide under makeup Let's fly above the ground no one understands us ged rid of the earth bond death cant get us Let's fly out of here while the sun is blind no one will ever hear release your mind
Organism 03:58
Organism System´s falling down red reports enough our end is near, I'm the one who starts countdown A self-destructive game want to reach next level don't care about costs, you are my aim Above me the white sky turns black be with me there is nowhere to go back Lead me on and on and all we know will be gone I will be like you!
Sabotage 04:19
Sabotage No freedom no ideals where the fuck it´s taking us time steals from our lives and words lie We´ve never been free if you believe it ask yourself how it´ll be in your heart there´s a key Our battle swords(sórds) are ready to fight against those who stole our dreams at the end of the day when there is no light sword all enemies! Our battle swords are ready to fight to win the battle for our only lives rays of light show us the way at night so get up from your knees
Be My Fear 04:27
Be My Fear Again on knees I stand in dust I want to know what pain feels like Let me taste the sweetest fear Until a tear on cheek appears Scars from hot hell adorn my back a metal collar remained on my neck and still addicted to your crack Be my fear – now and ever Be my fear -please forever Be my fear – never say never Your poisonous love has wrapped me around Like an addict, who wants to be bound. My heart still screams a strange sound
Writing To You I'm trying to write to you a few sentences that are true which I feel with all my heart that you are my lost part Ink is running low. Sun rays appear on the ground my soul wakes up in a beautiful gentle sound Want to write to you when it's night then I dare to come to light write how much i long for you the moon in the sky shows shades of blue


The first official album recorded in English. 10 songs originally with Slovak lyrics were completely rewritten into English. Some songs have also absolutely new arrangements.
We decided to record in English for the future to bring our music to more people


released June 1, 2022

Songwriter & Producer: Ondrej Pešek
Lyrics: Ondrej Pešek/Sissi Enns/Janette Potocká
Mix & Master: Ondrej Pešek
Label: TC Lemons



all rights reserved



Projekt203 Bratislava, Slovakia

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